KegelBalkans  is the exclusive distributor of Kegel USA in the Balkan countries. It has been created by experienced people, with great passion about bowling. Well experienced personnel, both in the business and the sport side of bowling, we offer original Kegel products and bring knowledge to the bowling proprietors and bowlers around Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, FYROM, Bosnia Herzegovina and Romania.
We are the only company, which offers the full range of genuine Kegel products, from machine spare parts & lane supplies, up to lane machines and complete bowling lane packages.

Through our distribution system, we can service all existing, old, or new bowling centers across the Balkan Peninsula,  providing them with superior, after sales tech support for any need they have, whether is the supply of used or new lane machine,  spare parts,  cleaner , oil,  machine cloth, or general technical trouble shooting.
KegelBalkans is authorized to install and maintain all new or previous Kegel machines (DBA & Brwck models). We can provide on site machine service, mechanics training courses and help you creating the best lane conditions for your bowling centre and your local league bowlers.

In this website you will be able to get to know with all major Kegel products and services we offer. For further information, you may contact us at